At the moment, Chantal is finishing her bachelors in English Speaking Cultures at Uni Bremen. She has been interested in theatre since she took part in her school’s production of ‘Les Miserables’. Since then, she has been involved in a few productions by the University theatre group ‘The Parlement of Foules’. Although she has not been involved in a MTT production before, watching their first production last year made her really miss theatre, which is why she is very happy to take part in Arden of Feversham.

On Frankie:
Frankie is Thomas Arden’s mistress. She is his go-to person when he needs a shoulder to cry on, and offers him the love and comfort that his wife cannot give him. Being a woman with very fine taste, she enjoys the big and small tokens of affection that Arden often provides her with. Although she usually is not in the habit of staying long with any man, she is all too happy to keep warming Arden’s heart, and bed, while her own heart is kept warm by his ever growing generosity.