How to audition with Maiden Thought Theatre: A step by step guide


  1. Find out when auditions are. Do so via our Facebook Page, Twitter or the Blog Entries on the Home Page here.
  2. Sign up for auditions. Pick an audition date and send us an email via the contact form or the email client of your choice to
  3. Prepare one speech. Pick any monologue from any play or film script and learn it by heart. It should be no longer than two minutes. Pick something you can relate to, something you are emotionally connecting with, e.g. your favourite film, a monologue that conveys emotions or talks of events you are living through at the moment, characters you admire,….do not be afraid to choose a character that is not your own age or gender. We are looking for you, not an imitation of someone or something you have seen. If we want to see an impression, we will ask for it. (We might actually…)
  4. Get your audition pack and read it carefully. We will confirm your audition date/time via email and send you an audition pack with information on the exact time and place of your audition. If you have any questions about it or cannot make it to your designated slot, please inform us as soon as possible!
  5. Practise your monologue. Take some time to get into your speech, think of ways to perform it, maybe try acting it out in front of friends or family, to get a feeling for timing or just reduce nervousness. Be as comfortable with your character and the text as possible.
  6. Arrive early. We will make sure to have some space for you to relax or warm up before your audition, so try not to come in at the last minute. You will not be able to show your full potential, if you do not allow yourself the time to get settled into the space. Trust us on this.
  7. Stay calm. First of all, we are not there to test your abilities. We are there because we are convinced that you will be great and completely wow us. There are many reasons why we do or do not cast people. So be yourself and try to stay as relaxed as possible. You are allowed a moment to settle into your character and you are welcome to bring a friend or family member to support you. We will have chairs for you to use as props and you are not required to come in full costume. Please refrain from bringing weapons as props. We are a bit squeamish that way…
  8. Be prepared for questions. We will usually ask you about your history, your experience and your abilities. Hobbies such as cooking, scuba diving and being proficient in Klingon totally count as special talents! We may ask you about your piece and why you chose it. There are hardly any wrong answers here.
  9. Be prepared to improvise or sight-read. We may give you a scene from the upcoming play to sight-read or prepare with another auditionee or member of MTT. Do not be scared, we just want to see you interact with an unfamiliar text. You may also be asked to do an improvisation exercise. Again, we will not judge you on your ability to pull a brilliantly developed artistic concept out of certain body parts. We simply want to see you react and act in unexpected circumstances and engage with other players.
  10. Be patient. After your audition, it may take up to a week or even ten days until you hear from us. We normally send all replies out in one go, so a longer waiting time may simply mean that you have delivered a wonderful audition and we cannot decide which role to give you. If we are unable to offer you a role however, please do not be discouraged! There are many reasons for this that do not have to mean that you are untalented. Please stay in touch and keep supporting us. There will be more productions in the future and we promise to remember your face.


Most importantly, though: ENJOY YOURSELF!