maiden-thought-6“We no sooner get into the second Chamber, which I shall call the Chamber of Maiden-Thought, than we become intoxicated with the light and the atmosphere, we see nothing but pleasant wonders…”  –  John Keats, A Mansion of Many Apartments, in a letter to John Hamilton Reynolds

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Maiden Thought Theatre is a theatre initiative founded by Frances Byrd and Aenne Pallasca, with the aim to make popular drama in the Elizabethan tradition. Based in Bremen/Germany, we hope to become a home to English-speaking theatre lovers of all ages and professions in the area and give them the opportunity to play together.

In May 2017, we premiered an adaptation of John Lyly’s Gallathea. Our version, set in the 1990s and featuring original music, was widely popular with audiences and reviewers. The production was made possible by substantial support from Bremen Senate and crowdfunding.

Find out more about us and the upcoming production on the following pages.