Please explain what you do in this production.
I am production manager. This means I schedule the rehearsals and productionteam meetings, I am in close contact with the directing team and try to make their job as easy as I can, I take care of e-mails, and am in general go-to contact person. My job is to stay up-to-date with all developments of all departments.

Is this your first time with MTT?
Yes, this is my first time with MTT. Prior to it, I was acting in Bremen University’ s English-Speaking theater group “The Parlement of Foules”.

Why are you interested in what you do?
I was curious about the process of putting together a theater production. I had always wanted to experience theater making from backstage. I take care of a lot of administrative tasks which are, tbh, not very creative, but they are essential to a smooth process. I like that I still contribute to the production just by taking things off the director’s hands.

How do you go about your work?
I listen to the director’s and productionteam’s needs, write a to-do-list and try to work it off.

Is there anything in particular you want to achieve in this production?
I would like to make it as easy as possible for the productionteam, the director and the cast. When they are happy and can focus on their parts, we’ll have a good show! I’d like the audience to see that community theater is great and worth supporting.

What do you find interesting about Arden of Feversham?
All characters have flaws, which makes them more interesting. And it has very dry and sometimes plain nonsense humor. Played out right, it has the potential to be hilarious. It is also a very flexible script. The story offers a lot of potential to change and invent details. We changed characters’ gender and it still works, is actually even better now. We sing and dance, which is not in the original script, it’s great fun!

What do you like about this production?
The cast is great. The director and whole production team did a great job casting them. I love Frances’ composing and Juli’s costume designs.

Why do you think Elizabethan Drama is still relevant today?
I love how the audience is a vital part of Elizabethan theater. As a spectator you walk out with a completely different feeling because you contributed, you were part of the show. In our day and age of Netflix & Co. it’s so easy to get lost in a fictional world, and while that can be very intense too, I believe live performance can have a much greater impact. Elizabethan theater makes use of that potential to pull people in and touch them deeply.

What does (good) theatre mean to you?
Theater is art and life at the same time. It shows stories that are extraordinary and yet relatable. I could not live without theater. Good theater, to me, is entertainment that makes you talk about what you have seen, makes you want to share it and relive it.