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You can book workshops with Maiden Thought Theatre for your group. We recommend them especially for students of 10th grade and upwards and for groups of up to 20-25 people. 

One workshop consists of 90mins of acting and text-based work and costs 5 Euros per participant.

All groups who participated in a workshop will receive a special discount admission to our performances.

Maiden Thought Theatre offers two kinds of workshops:


Prep for the Play

This workshop gives an introduction to MTT’s running production, its characters, relationships, motifs, and language. Students will explore the material at hand in practical exercises and learn how to approach the text of the play and its characters. They will also learn about the production MTT are planning, the interpretation and design they are going to watch on stage. The goal of the workshop is to prepare students to see a performance by Maiden Thought Theatre and be able to understand, recognise themes and tropes and critically reflect on Elizabethan drama and how it can still be relevant today.


Learn the Lingo

This workshop is ideal as an introduction to Elizabethan drama and language. It explores Early Modern English on stage, the iambic pentameter, vocabulary and grammar in playful practical exercises and helps students familiarise themselves with the kind of language they will encounter in plays of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Additionally, the workshop gives insight into Elizabethan stage practices to help students imagine what a play e.g. by Shakespearean performance might have looked like. The goal of the workshop is to give students tools to work with Elizabethan dramatic texts in groups and on their own.


If you are interested in booking a workshop, contact us and we will arrange a date and time with you to come to your facilities.