Henrik has been on and behind the stage for 25 years. He sings and acts quite decently; this time, they’re going to make him dance (serves them well). He thinks of himself as a genuine Bremer although he spent part of his childhood in Eastern Westphalia and the picturesque city of Delmenhorst. Henrik is an experienced amateur to the core, and that is why he keeps himself afloat by working as a translator. He used to be a banker and a student once, but that turned out to be utterly bollocks in the long run.

On Thomas Arden:
Thomas Arden is a dubious businessman in the South of Kent who made his fortune by assisting King Henry VIII. in “dissolving” the Catholic monasteries and abbeys of the region. He is said to have ties with the Anglican Mob. To complete and cement his footing in the high society, he marries Alice Arden, daughter of a relative of the Lordprotector Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset. His carnal desires are however tended to by the cabalistic Frankie, a showgirl he picked up in a strip club.