What is your role in this production
I’m the Assistant Director (AD).

Is this your first time with MTT? What prior experiences do you have?
This is my first time participating in MTT – prior to that I was an actor in different plays and director of my own films.

What do you like about what you do?
For me the most important thing in life is to tell stories and make people have a good time – so two birds with one stone by putting a play to stage with a lot of talented people.

How do you go about your work?
As an AD I am the right hand to our director Julia and I’m helping her wherever I can – be it standing-in in rehearsals, providing a second opinion etc.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I’m happy when everyone is happy with what they’ve achieved – and I get a lot of inspiration from just trying out stuff in rehearsals, and from everyday situations.

What would you like to achieve in this production?
When everyone in this production is satisfied with what we put to the stage in the end and we are all having a lot of fun doing it, that’s what I want to achieve!

What do you like about Arden of Feversham?
I like this play because it’s bloody ridiculous most of the time, with also having parts that are profound and thinkful. It’s not your average Elizabethan Era play, it feels much fresher. And furthermore, all the characters are utterly brilliant, which is mainly thanks to our superb cast. They are all a pleasure to work with.

What do you like about this production?
It’s a mix of all the things I’ve mentioned before. The great cast, the great text we get to work with and having the ability to contribute in multiple way.

Do you think Elizabethan Theatre is still relevant today?
I think it never became irreleveant. Sure, there are plays that haven’t aged well but the gist of most of them never became irrelevant. Look at the plot of every second movie – without Elizabethan plays they wouldn’t have a plot!

What does good theatre mean to you?
For me theatre is a way to escape life for a time and dive into a story totally uncommon to your own life and side with or against characters you just know for 30 minutes. If a production can do that to me, I’m satisfied and that’s what I would love to achieve with this production of “Arden of Feversham”.